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A-Z Therapies List

This is what we offer at Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms in Bath. Although we are not a true spa – no pool or sauna to speak of, we do offer many of the treatments you would expect from a spa. If you have mobility issues do ring and let us know before you book so that we can be sure we can meet your requirements.


The full fee is charged for cancelling an appointment with less than 48 hours notice. You can cancel your appointment on line if you give 48 hours notice just follow link in reminder message.


Acupuncture has been practised in eastern countries for 2,500 years. It’s a traditional form of Chinese medicine based on the understanding that our body’s motivating energy force or Qi (pronounced chi) moves through a network of channels, or meridians, that run beneath the skin. According to Acupuncture theory, illness arises from blockages in the energy flow. Therapists insert fine, sterile needles at various points on the meridians to rebalance the body’s energy.

Practitioners: Bryan Melville


Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from flowers and plants with an aim to balance the emotions and improve general health and wellbeing. Your therapist will carefully choose a blend of essential oils to address your symptoms or mood. These are added to a carrier oils and applied to your skin through massage. There is evidence that Aromatherapy can alleviate symptoms associated with stress and relieve tension.

Aromatherapy (Clinical)

To follow ASAP

Practitioners: Caroline Josling

Aromatherapy (Clinical) with Oriental Diagnosis

This clinical aromatherapy uses an Oriental medicine principle to diagnose your health pattern and select essential oils to focus towards addressing the root cause of your concern, rather than for just general symptoms. The most fundamental action according to Oriental medicine is that of effect on the energetic aspect on the body and mind. Incorporated with massage, to bring Qi (vital energy) into alignment and balance it helps to restore both your physical and mental balance.

Practitioners: Keiko Kishimoto

Aromatouch Technique

A gentle feather like nurturing massage using a combination of essential oils in a specific order. You will feel bathed in the power of nature! The aromatic properties improves well-being, bringing the body into a state of balance. An aromatic journey worth experiencing!

Practitioners: Beth Lass

Ayurvedic Facelift

A gentle massage that stimulates marma points thus releasing deep seated tensions and freeing layers of muscle and connective tissues. Facial muscle tone and elasticity are improved giving a sense of rejuvenation. I use natural and ethical facial oil and cream to enhance this technique.

Practitioners: Shireen Hemmati and Beth Lass

Ayurvedic Treatments

Abdominal Massage – Nabhi Abhyanga

A non-invasive massage technique to the abdomen that helps to tone the abdominal organs and assists in weight loss around the stomach area. Great for digestive issues such as IBS, Colitits and can help emotional trauma. Can be paired with Udvartana – Herbal Body Scrub for a weight loss package. Please ask for details


Herbal Poultice Massage – Pinda Sveda Herbal Bolus De-Stress

A rejuvenating, strengthening, and nourishing massage which uses cotton poultice bags filled with specially selected herbs which are pressed gently over the body. It helps to alleviate muscle and joint pain, tensions, and stress.


Marma/Energy Point Massage –  Marma Abhyanga

An energising and detoxing massage of the Marma (Energy) points that stimulates the circulatory, immune and nervous systems.


Herbal Body-Scrub Massage – Udvartana

Exfoliating massage using finely ground Ayurvedic herbs, including exotic sandalwood with precious herb-infused oils, to make the skin soft and give it a lustrous glow.


Treatments for the senses:

Ear Treatment – Karana Purana

A tonic treatment of the ears that can help to both cleanse and open channels. A great stress reliever. Helps with deafness, excess ear wax and tinnitus

Eye Treatment – Akshitarpana

An unique Ayurvedic treatment that can bring relief to stressed, tired, burning and watery eyes. Calms the mind. Very good for menopausal issues

Nasal Clearing – Nasya

A gentle facial massage is followed by a stream therapy and the application of warm herbal oils through the nose. This treatment can be highly effective in relieving headaches, sinusitis, migraines, sleep ailments, hay fever and tiredness.

Practitioners: Shireen Hemmati

Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a highly therapeutic treatment for both baby and parent it can bring so
many physical and emotional benefits for both, strengthening your relationship and building
confidence and trust through your loving touch. Studies and trials have found that
massaging your baby can relieve symptoms of colic; help babies relax and sleep more, help
mothers with postnatal depression and promote the growth and development of premature
babies. Above all it is such a wonderful way to bond with your baby and enjoy the closeness
it brings.

Practitioners: Helen Manister

Biomechanical Appointment

Biomechanical Appointment looking at your gait and the way you walk. These appointments are suitable for patients that have Particular types of foot pain including plantar fasciitis, heel pain and tight Achilles Tendons. Appointment last up to 1 hour.

Practitioners: Tim Pursey

Cryo Therapy

Cryo Therapy is an additional Treatment that can be use to treat Verrucas/Plantar Warts. The price is added to cost of the initial Assessment or Routine Podiatry Appointments.

Practitioners: Tim Pursey

Crystal Healing

Ancient form of healing therapy that uses crystals and gemstones to restore balance to the body’s energy systems. Every crystal has a unique energetic signature that can be harnessed to enhance our spiritual, mental and physical well-being and can be used in many different ways. A full crystal treatment may incorporate a number of techniques, including chakra balancing based on colour correspondence, crystal layouts on the body, gridding and clearing energy.

Practitioners: Array

Crystal Therapy

Focuses on rebalancing and energizing the subtle energy system. Crystals have a piezoelectric charge which interacts with the magnetic field around the body re-tuning it. They have different properties which give off different qualities. Each quality can stimulate different meridians or chakras. A relaxing and uplifting experience.

Practitioners: Beth Lass

Deep Tissue Massage (inc. mobilisation)

Deep Tissue Massage aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, either following or going across the fibres of the muscles, tendons and fascia. A deep-tissue massage helps loosen muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly.

Ear Candling

This is an effective, non-invasive means of treating a variety of ear, nose and throat conditions. As the candles burn they create a vapour infused with therapeutic herbs and essential oils. Their tube shape creates a chimney effect, drawing away the vapour and any impurities from the ear. Gentle heat from the candle stimulates the blood and lymph circulation, boosting the immune system and regulating pressure within your sinuses,

Practitioners: Keiko Kishimoto

Emotional Freedom Technique

Specific meridian points around the face and chest are stimulated by finger tapping, releasing energy that has been locked in the subtle energy system usually caused by a negative experience. Some of the issues that EFT can support are phobias, feeling unloved and low self -esteem. Assists in changing unwanted thought patterns thus improving self-confidence.

Practitioners: Beth Lass

Esalen® Massage

It’s not uncommon for someone to complete a 28-day residential Esalen® massage certification course and leave saying, “that was fantastic, but… what exactly is Esalen massage?”  Brita Ostrom, of the Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association puts it best:

“At the heart of the session is a sense of empowering each individual to regain a sense of harmony, reverence, and balance, and to awaken inner resources for healing.  It is not unusual to hear, ‘That was the most amazing massage I’ve ever received.’”

Esalen massage is a flowing, fluid, integrated bodywork experience – bespoke, intuitive, spontaneous, and truly effective.

Practitioners: Array

Facelift Massage & Indian Face Massage

A combination of Indian Face Massage and other healing techniques including acupressure used on the head, face and neck in order to give you a natural facelift.  Using massage to release tension in the facial muscles and stimulate circulation this technique is a non-invasive treatment to help relax and improve appearance.

Practitioners: Keiko Kishimoto

Facial (Neal’s Yard Holistic)

The Neal’s Yard Remedies Holistic Facial is a tailored facial treatment, incorporating consultation, detailed skin analysis to determine your skin type, facial diagnosis to unveil any signs of inner health and well being issues, and comprehensive after care advice.

15% discount is offered to the client be used in the shop after the treatment.

Practitioners: Caroline Josling and Beth Lass

Facial Acupuncture with Tui na Facial Massage

Facial acupuncture is a holistic treatment to promote a glowing complexion whilst simultaneously improving your health and wellbeing. After a thorough assessment, fine needles are inserted into carefully chosen acupuncture points that restore Qi (energy) flow and increase blood circulation to the face. Additional points on the body, arms or legs are selected for a balanced treatment appropriate to the individual. Each session includes a wonderfully relaxing Tui-Na (Chinese style) face massage that helps to release facial tension. The treatment is gentle, restorative and calming. This is a treatment where you can relax and enjoy a process that helps you to look well and feel well too.

Practitioners: Array

Facial Reflexology (Sorensensistem™)

Facial reflexology is a unique holistic therapy which combined traditional healing system from Orient and South America and modern science of clinical neurology. It works by stimulating acupressure points and neurovascular points, also by stimulating reflex zones relating to main organs and physical boy with unique gentle and deep relaxing stroke. This therapeutic facial treatment helps to release tension from the body, increase relaxation and promote an enhanced feeling of whole-body well- being, it can also help leave you with a glowing complexion.

Practitioners: Keiko Kishimoto

Facial Rejuvenation (Acupuncture)

Acupuncture has been practiced in eastern countries for 2,500 years.  It is a traditional form of Chinese medicine based on the understanding that our body’s motivating energy force or Qi (chi) moves through a network of channels that run beneath the skin.  Facial acupuncture, or revitalisation, is a non-surgical method of reducing the signs of the aging process.  More than just a cosmetic procedure, it is designed to help the whole body look and feel younger.

Practitioners: Bryan Melville

Faulkners Needling

Faulkners Needling is a treatment used for Verrucas/Plantar Warts. The treatment is completed under Local Anaesthetic. An Initial Assessment must be completed prior to this treatment.

Practitioners: Tim Pursey

Food Sensitivity Test

For the Food Sensitivity test,  a pin prick of blood from you is used to analyse 59 different foods. The test takes 1 hour and is conducted within your consultation. During that time, the practitioner will explain what  food sensitivities and intestinal permeability are and how you can help improve your digestion in the future.

After the test, they will go through the results with you and explain the alternatives you can have and how you can avoid any potential nutrient deficiencies.

They may also recommend certain supplements that will help restore your gut integrity and improve your digestion. More details for  Food Sensitivity Testing with Philippa Parish

Practitioners: Philippa Parish

Frankincense Intense Facial Rejuvenation TM

The Frankincense Intense™ Facial Rejuvenation is a 90 minute ritual combining relaxation techniques with a deep tissue facial massage, and finishes with the application of our best selling Frankincense Intense™ products, with results you’ll love.

Your therapist will welcome you with a Beautify tea, help you relax with a warming footbath and ask you to choose a bespoke blend of essential oils to be diffused throughout your treatment. After a consultation, your therapist will begin your deep tissue facial massage, which will leave your skin feeling lifted and revived, help relieve tension in the facial muscles and stimulate circulation.

You’ll receive a beautiful treat/ goody bag for your skin with our award-winning Frankincense Intense™ range applied throughout your treatment to leave you looking and feeling the best version of you

Practitioners: Caroline Josling

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is medicine made from plants, either the whole plant or sometimes parts of it, for example leaves, flowers, roots or bark. It has been the main source of medicine used by people for thousands of years. Medical herbalists make use of plants whose traditional uses are backed up by modern scientific research and clinical trials. They hold a BSc degree or equivalent in Herbal Medicine, and have studied orthodox medicine as well as plant medicine. Herbalists take a holistic approach to illness, and treat the underlying cause of disease rather than just the symptoms. They are able to prescribe herbal remedies to be used alongside other medication and treatments.

Practitioners: Giacomo Sandri


The word homoeopathy comes from the Greek meaning ‘similar suffering’. It works on the premise that like cures like – treating symptoms with minute amounts of specially potentised medicines that cause similar symptoms in healthy people – which then work to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself.

Practitioners: Array

Hot Stone Massage

Using hot stones with massage technique allows the muscles to become warm more quickly and allows a deeply relaxed state.  The heat penetrates the soft tissues of the body, which has a balancing effect on our body and mind.

Practitioners: Ruth Brown

Indian Head Massage

Rooted in the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda, Indian Head Massage works on the belief that ailments are caused by blockages in the energy flow around the body; massage helps clear blockages, returning the body to a state of health.

Practitioners: Ruth Brown, Keiko Kishimoto, and Beth Lass


Kinesiology is a form of muscle testing used to detect and correct imbalances in our bodies. It is used to evaluate normal and abnormal body function including testing of the nervous, vascular, and lymphatic systems. Having diagnosed the problem areas, Kinesiology aims to restore balance on all levels by activating our body’s natural healing processes.

Practitioners: Caroline Metz

Kinetic Chain Release

Kinetic Chain Release is a protocol involving a series of safe, gentle and medically recognised mobilisations and stretches developed by Scottish physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert. KCR helps to bring physical balance to the body, resulting in reduced pain and increased energy levels.
It is gentle, non-invasive and safe for all ages and can provide quick and effective pain relief.
Practitioners: Anna Kwasigroch

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

This is a very light, rhythmic massage technique that encourages lymph (the fluid that bathes the cells) to flow more freely around the body. The massage stimulates your lymphatic system and increases the elimination of toxins. Fluid congestion is relieved, promoting healing, strengthening the immune system and helping reduce pain. It’s particularly helpful for easing the fluid retention of pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.

Please note, our practitioners are not able to offer MLD after cancer treatment or surgery. Please check with MLD UK for therapists who specialize in those conditions.

Practitioners: Keiko Kishimoto

Massage (Holistic)

This involves a variety of techniques designed to relax muscles, increase oxygen in the blood and release toxins from muscles. Stroking in the direction of the heart stimulates circulation and flushes the tissues of lactic acid, uric acid, and other metabolic wastes, all of which help shorten recovery time after muscle strain. As well as providing specific medical benefits, holistic massage improves general health and wellbeing.

Mindful Reflexology

Mindful reflexology can be a fantastic support for clients who are living with stress, anxiety or depression. Calming the vagus nerve which directly connects with the body’s organs and wider nervous system, also helping improve emotional well-being.

Practitioners: Jo King

Nail Fenestration

Nail Fenestration is the process of drilling micro holes in the a nail. The treatment is used for chronic fungal nail infections. Anti fungal treatment is them used daily and through capillary action the antifungal agent is able to work more effectively on the fungal infection beneath the nail. An Initial assessment appointment is required prior to this treatment.

Practitioners: Tim Pursey

Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery is completed in the Glastonbury Clinic and is not available in Bath at present. For more information please contact the Glastonbury clinic on 01458 834 318 or 07941 208 802

Practitioners: Tim Pursey


In naturopathy, health is viewed as a dynamic state of equilibrium between the structural, biochemical and emotional aspects of a person.  This is known as the Triad of Health.  Naturopathic principles acknowledge that the human body has an innate ability to resist disease and it’s own mechanisms of recovery and self-regulation.  A person’s vitality is considered to be of overall importance in the body’s self-healing capability and a treatment plan will be devised accordingly.

In practice, naturopaths will make use of various modalities that are designed to stimulate the activation of the body’s own homeostatic mechanisms.  Treatment plans are holistic as they will include all aspects of the triad of health.  Techniques might include structural adjustments using various bodywork modalities, such as Neuromuscular Technique.

Biochemical adjustments could include giving naturopathic dietary and nutritional advice, cleansing and detoxing regimens or the prescribing of herbal teas or tissue salts.  Help on a mental and emotional level might include using Bach Flower remedies, giving lifestyle advice or prescribing herbal teas such as chamomile tea to aid relaxation.  Naturopathic hydrotherapy is often used as a theraputic tool as it helps with all aspects of the triad of health and boosts the body’s vitality

Practitioners: Lucy Peel

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the application of evidence-based, nutritional science for the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Registered Nutritional Therapists use a full case history, assessments and tests to identify potential nutritional imbalances and deficiencies and the underlying causes of chronic conditions and help their clients understand how these may contribute to their current symptoms and health concerns.

Your Therapist will recommend a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, including specific foods and supplements and strategies for optimising sleep, reducing stress and a regular, effective movement programme.

Throughout your course of consultations there will be regular reviews of your progress and life-coaching sessions to keep you motivated and on-track, working towards bringing your body back into balance and optimum health.

Nutritional Therapy is a complementary therapy and works effectively alongside conventional medicine.

It is particularly effective for chronic conditions such as depression, skin conditions, (such as eczema and psoriasis), weight management, type 2 diabetes, digestion problems,( including inflammatory bowel disease and IBS), arthritic pain, fatigue, osteoporosis, thyroid problems, sex hormonal imbalances, (including PCOS, PMS, acne, fibroids and endometriosis).

Details on Packages and Prices for Nutritional Therapy with Philippa Parish

Terms of Business between BANT Nutritional Therapist and Client

Practitioners: Philippa Parish and Lucy Peel

On-Site Chair Massage

On Site Chair Massage involves the application of massage techniques whilst the client is resting on a On Site Massage chair. It benefits in relaxing the mind and the body and is extremely useful in relieving stress and mental fatigue.

Practitioners: Ruth Brown


Initial Assessment appointment and Podiatry Care covering the management of Nails, Corns and Callus. Appointment lasts up to 45 minutes
Routine Podiatry appointment for the management of Nails, Corns and Callus. Appointment lasts up to 30 minutes
Practitioners: Tim Pursey

Pregnancy/Maternity Massage

Massage is a great way to relieve the physical discomfort and emotional stress that can accompany pregnancy. It relaxes the mind and body, relieving muscular tension, promotes wellbeing and improves sleep at night. Massage can help after the birth too. As well as giving you some precious time to look after yourself, it promotes muscle healing and spinal alignment, important factors in returning your body to its pre-pregnancy state.

Pregnancy/Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology stimulates healing throughout the body using pressure points on the feet.  It is an ancient Eastern healing tradition based on the principle that all parts of our body are connected by energy pathways which end in the hands, feet and head.  Reflexology can be used to support pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period. It aims to look after the mind, body and spirit of the mother and baby to be.


Reflexology is an ancient Eastern healing tradition based on the principle that all parts of our body are connected by energy pathways which end in the hands, feet and head. A reflexology treatment uses pressure massage on specific areas of the feet to stimulate healing in the corresponding organs, glands and structures. This releases areas of tension and helps energy to flow more freely throughout your body.


Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Scar Therapy

ScarWork is a specialised manual treatment, developed by Sharon Wheeler. It is a gentle, painless therapy that uses the lightest of touch to help people with scar tissue, fibrosis, adhesions and changes in tissue health following surgery and radiotherapy. Scars and adhesions form operations or accidents can lead to chronic pattern of damage throughout the body, resulting in misalignment, pain, reduced function of the main organs and restricted mobility. ScarWork employs the lightest of touch to integrate different qualities of scar tissue into the fascial web. Natural and surgical scars of any age respond immediately followed by a short period of rapid healing and continued improvement, which are permanent. Scar tissue quality changes quickly and easily and lumps, gaps, ridges, holes, bumps, knots and strings in the tissue rapidly smooth out into a three dimensional fascial web. The restrictions and adhesions of a scar resolve and the impaired nerves can regain sensation, internal organ functions can normalize and the range of movement can often improve. 

Practitioners: Anna Kwasigroch

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing (S.E) is one of the most natural and powerful methods for reducing mental and physical discomfort and trauma. There is growing acceptance in leading therapeutic opinion that deep change and healing requires the involvement of the body. S.E. taps into natural instincts and processes in the body that release and relieve suffering and lead you back to balance. It is also something well worth experiencing

Practitioners: Array

Soul Integration Therapy

A combination of healing techniques designed to allow the recipient to connect at a deep level to her Soul’s purpose and through inner guidance find direction. Incorporating reiki, crystal healing and the use of essential oils, Soul Integration Therapy is recommended when seeking to live a purposeful life.

Practitioners: Array

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga massage is a traditional and ancient form of massage. It is a dynamic and flowing treatment that can be energising or relaxing. It will be adjusted to suit you and your needs, so a full consultation is taken at your first session and follow up ones at subsequent sessions. This is a great treatment if you are feeling stiff or inflexible and also great if you are flexible! TYM works on the idea that there are a multitude of invisible energy lines running through the body that carry life force, Prana. Prana is created by the air we breathe and the food we eat. The use of direct thumb pressure on the lines and stretching of these areas, is understood to release tension, inflammation and congestion in the body therefore improving well being and the flow of prana and dispelling weakness illness and disease. This is not a diagnostic treatment but works therapeutically to help release imbalance in the body, mind and spirit. There are direct similarities to yoga and their energy lines, prana nadis and Thai Yoga massage. This type of massage is experienced fully clothed (please wear or bring clothes you can easily stretch in) and on a futon.

Practitioners: Shireen Hemmati

Transference Healing

Receiving regular Transference Healing®supports you to achieve a consistent level of health, emotional, mental and physical balance as well as wellness, happiness and peace. It also promotes personal transformation and growth and fulfilment in all aspects of your life.
Practitioners: Anna Kwasigroch

Wild Rose Natural Glow Facial

Inspired by our Wild Rose collection, the 60 minute Wild Rose Natural Glow Facial incorporates a neck and shoulder massage and a breathing technique to help you relax while your skin is toned, cleansed and revived. Our Wild Rose products contain rosehip seed oil which is full of essential omegas 3, 6 and 9 – well known to promote the skin’s natural health and regeneration – delivering a beautiful Natural Glow to your skin

Practitioners: Ruth Brown and Caroline Josling