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Become a Facial Energy Release – face therapy practitioner

2019 Training in Bath   October 12/13 – Module 1
 November 16/17 – Module 2

Location: Harvest Moon Practice  Bath BA16JZ  
  Testimonials from Students
“This is how it feels to have your face softly ironed by your favourite seraph” 
(Olivia Lichtenstein for The Sunday Times)

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A unique holistic, rejuvenating, blissfully gentle facial massage. Sometimes known as “Fingertip Face Lift”, “Angels Touch” and” Rejuvanessence” – working on the fascia, reflex points and nerve endings it restores the natural flow of energy, inducing deep calm and wellbeing. Blissful to receive, lovely to give. It is an especially attractive treatment to offer alongside your main therapy and, because of its gentleness is also lighter on your hands!  four individual separate sessions  Each session of FER -face therapy is unique and works on a separate part of the face, neck, scalp and shoulders A popular and deeply releasing treatment.

A four-day course set over two weekends teaches you a totally new therapy – to be sold as a course of four, not just an add on. After graduation and on completion of four case studies the advanced course teaches you sessions five and a top-up Click here for further course details

A wonderful gentle, life affirming technique to accompany your other therapies

CPD approved by AOR and IFPA

Possible benefits More than just a  beauty treatment, this face therapy restores the natural flow of energy, balancing and revitalising: Profoundly relaxing and healing to body, mind and spirit Release of stressful experiences, instilling confidence and empowerment Releases blocked energy, by working on reflex points and meridians, easing headaches, jaw and shoulder pain,  sinus problems and insomnia Improves skin tone & restores natural elasticity of face Reduces fine lines and wrinkle and firms jaw line Creates a more youthful radiant expressive and relaxed appearance detoxifying the face and system Slows the ageing process
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