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 20% OFF day Thursday 28 September 9:30am till 6pm

20% OFF  Thursday 28 September

We will be open 9:30am till 6pm to give you plenty of time to take advantage of our 20% off day.

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Early Life Nutrition Workshops

Feeding babies, toddlers and preschoolers isn’t always easy, but don’t be discouraged!

It often takes time and patience to develop healthy eating habits in young children.

How to develop healthy eating habits in young children.

Come and join us for these workshops and learn all about Early Life Nutrition.

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20% OFF on Thursday 27th April 2017

We will be offering 20% OFF on Thursday 27th April 2017  and will be open 9:30am till 6pm

We can only offer the discount on the actual day so if you can’t make it in please give us a ring and make your purchase over the phone – 01225 466944. You can then collect at your convenience. Excluding gift vouchers, gift tokens, books and therapy bookings. T&C apply

Shamanic Journeying Group 1st Wednesday of each month 8pm

15284901_1168599583177677_6422117388852536589_nLearn the basics of shamanic journeying and build up experience and knowledge over time.

Journeying within a safe and held environment, led by an experienced shamanic practitioner, the group meets regularly to journey together to achieve personal and community wide healing and transformation.

Workshops are the first Wednesday of the month, next one being 7th December

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20% Off Thursday 24th November


We will be open 9am till 7pm to give you plenty of time to take advantage of our 20% off day.

If you can’t make it in call us on 01225 466944 to place and pay for your order over the phone. You can then collect at your convenience.
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carla-with-arms-in-airOn Monday mornings you could do worse that start the week with a treatment from our experienced therapist Carla Hanreck.
Carla qualified over 16 years ago in Shiatsu (Japanese and Chinese acupressure), then in  the Bowen Technique from the European College of Bowen Studies and finally 3 years ago in Eden Energy Medicine, one of the very first to receive this training in the UK.
As everyone’s energy is as unique as their thumb print, so treatments are adapted to everyone’s unique set of circumstances.  And this is what Carla aims to do for everyone by bringing the most appropriate aspects to the fore from each therapy to blend a recipe for health and vitality for continued, collaborative health.
Treatments are received through your clothing – they are not an oil-based style of massage.
Guys who never would go for a `massage’ particularly like Carla’s treatments as they focus on the origin and resolution of the body’s discomfort – be it from sports, gardening or work. 
She has a real interest in working in collaboration with people for whom their discomfort is classified as `chronic’ : joint pains, disturbed sleep patterns, hormone related symptoms, and others all for which the prescription is often pain killers and being told they will just have to live with it.
The aim is always to bring renewed harmony to a tired body; fresh vitality to a weary mind and a new bounce to a sagging spirit.
Once You start to see your body– which like a car or a machine – has electrics and plumbing,  but unlike a machine is then wrapped in an energy system possessed of a deep intelligence just wanting to get you to health, then you will see how keeping those energies flowing leads to vibrant harmony that in turn fosters good health and happiness.  It often is not true that we `don’t have any energy`;  rather what energy we have is just stuck somewhere – just like an airlock in hose. Find the airlock, see things move! What energy frequency are you today?

Through Nutrition to A Healthier & Happier You

8th – Food Sensitivities

22nd – Menopause Nutrition

Our workshops will cover some of the most common health issues affecting the life quality of millions of people around the world.

The workshop on the 8th will be focused specifically on certain food sensitivities to the most common allergens such as gluten and diary. You will learn how to avoid the allergens while shopping, eating out and cooking.  You will be able to expand your knowledge on cooking and baking with gluten free grains and flours and dairy alternatives, and also which grains are best for nutrients when following gluten free and dairy free diet. I will share with you my secrets, such as how to make ready in half an hour gluten free soda bread, what’s the easiest way of making your own almond milk which will be full of nutrients and flavour, and many more other very useful tips like that. I will teach you some of the best dietary tricks that will allow you have completely balanced and nutritionally complete diet that you will enjoy.

Our last workshop on 22nd is directed to all women suffering from hormonal imbalances and menopause. Physical and emotional symptoms caused by the hormonal changes can be really unpleasant and hard to cope with. There is a lot of evidence showing that maintaining a healthy weight and staying fit can improve some menopausal symptoms and release the tension associated with it. Moreover, by eating specific foods containing plant-derived oestrogens, called phytoestrogens,  you can significantly improve the symptoms such as hot flashes,depression, irritability & low energy levels. You will learn how to find the best food sources of phytoestrogens and how to incorporate them in your diet. I will also share some of my best cooking tips on how to make them delicious and full of flavour.

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Half Price Kinesiology for Teenagers and Kids this half term!

kinesiology-kidsCaroline Metz will be offering half price kinesiology and food testing for children and teenagers at half term, from 2pm on Friday 21st and on Friday 28th Oct.
These sessions will be one hour for only £20.

Children and young people can benefit from kinesiology in many ways: anxiety, tummy problems, behavioural issues, learning difficulties, headaches, sleep problems, asthma, eczema, etc. The sessions are relaxed, informal and FUN!

For more info, contact Caroline directly on 07515 739681 or phone 01225 466944
to book.