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Justine Foster

About me:

Justine qualified as a physiotherapist in 2001 and worked in the NHS for 20 years.  In 2006 Justine studied acupuncture and found she had a natural ability  to find and clear energetic blocks in the body’s subtle energy field. Justine noticed that as these blocks cleared, her clients witnessed changes in their everyday life.

With further study, Justine found that the physical and energy bodies hold the unique record of our life.  Unresolved thoughts, emotions and events don’t disappear. They are held as blocks in our energy flow which can present as issues in the body, or limitations in our life. Once these energy blocks are released, we can begin to heal and harmonise our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

With excitement for the potential to assist her clients resolve their trauma and challenges,  Justine diligently studied a range of  holistic therapies to combine her deep understanding of the body acquired through her physiotherapy career, with her growing knowledge of the subtle energy field. This journey culminated in Justine specialising in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Biofield Tuning (Sound/Vibrational Therapy): holistic modalities that are reliable, genuine and offer clients real solutions to change their lives.

Justine is a compassionate, skilful practitioner with many years experience assisting those on their healing journey. With the highest level of integrity, Justine’s heartfelt intention is to assist her clients to navigate their life back to balance.



First Class Honours Degree: BSc (HONS) Physiotherapy, Keele University July 2001

Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Biofield Tuning Certification Program, May 2022 [only one training school in the world, based in Vermont, USA (www.biofieldtuning.com)]

Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, May 2023 [studied at Resonance Trainings UK: fully accredited Training Provider with the Craniosacral Therapy Association], (www.resonance.org.uk)


Professional Bodies:

Member of AOR: Association of Reflexologists: (www.aor.org.uk)

Member of Craniosacral Therapy Association: (www.craniosacral.co.uk)

Days at Neal’s Yard:

Thursday pm



Keiko Kishimoto

Keiko Kishimoto

Working Fridays and Sundays

Since I first trained as a holistic therapist, I have constantly updated my skill and knowledge.  Now I offer a wide range of holistic treatments and, depending on your needs or conditions I carefully choose your treatment plan with you. All my treatments are tailor made to ensure you have a truly holistic experience.

I use combinations of different techniques for my massages which allow me to range from a firm pressure to a delicate touch, which helps to release the tension seated in any depth of tissue.
I have an extensive knowledge of aromatherapy and use this for my treatments. Aromatherapy and holistic treatments work wonderfully together and I take pride in this combination which helps not only reduce physical problems but may also bring emotional relief as well. My treatments are always based on ‘de-stressing’ and you can feel both physically and mentally lighter after my treatment.

Maternity and gynaecological care also feature heavily in my range of treatments. My extensive training in this field brings a deep understanding of the needs of women and enables me to extend my treatments to help with hormonal, physical and emotional changes for any stages of women’s life.


Diploma in Swedish body massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology( VTCT)
Diploma in Indian Head massage( VTCT)
Diploma in Stone therapy ( VTCT)
Certificate in Thermal Auricular Therapy ( VTCT)
Certificate in Hand free massage
Advanced Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy and Oriental Diagnosis (ITHMA)
Advanced Certificate in aromatherapy and massage in Pregnancy (ITHMA)
Manual lymphatic drainage – basic body & therapy 1 (Dr Vodder Schule)
Maternity reflexology – Part1& Part 2(Susanne Enzer)
Diploma in Natural Face lift massage
Usui Reiki – 3rd Degree ( in Japan)
Jikiden Reiki- Shoden, Okuden
Aura-Soma Colour Therapy, Advanced
Certificate in Emergency first aid (St. John Ambulance)

Professional Bodies

Member of the Complementary &Natural Health care Council (CNHC) – for Massage therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki

Member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA)

Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists(FHT)

Days at Neal’s Yard

Friday 9:30am – 6pm

Sunday 11am-4pm (till 5pm in the Summer)



Shireen Hemmati

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Shireen was first introduced to Complementary Therapy through meeting a Reflexologist whilst training as an Adult Nurse at Oxford Brookes in 2002. It inspired her to want to learn about the preventative perspective of health care and how it was just, if not more, important in helping and educating others’ in dis-ease and health.

Shireen trained in a Complementary Therapies Diploma at the City of Bath College and qualified in 2006. She also qualified as a Traditional Thai Master practitioner Diploma in 2008 at the Highly esteemed Body Harmonics Centre in Cheltenham. As an experienced holistic practitioner Shireen is continually developing her skills and furthering her knowledge in holistic health and nutrition through reading, research, attending talks and workshops and has a deep, extensive knowledge and understanding of the human body through various studies and nursing. Shireen’s practice aim is to tailor each treatment as acutely as possible to address the specific problem areas. This can be achieved through incorporating different massage disciplines, giving a uniquely synergistic and individual treatment. Fully qualified and insured practitioner member of the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists)


Holistic massage
Thai yoga massage ( including sports and injury)
Ayurvedic massage and treatments

Professional Bodies


Days at Neal’s Yard

Tuesday 1.30pm – 5.00pm


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Beth Lass

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I offer a versatile service in bodywork. With ten years experience, I have gained an understanding about how our lifestyles directly affect our body’s systems.

Through massage I focus on releasing tension caused by physical and emotional patterns I have an intuitive and gentle approach to relieving stress from todays busy environment providing a specialised service that helps to support people under modern day pressures like stress at work, multi-tasking mothers, separation, difficult relationships, loneliness and bereavement.  I offer a wide range of therapies which are tailor made for the clients’ needs and offer after care advice,


2010 Indian Head Massage Certificate Lucis College,The Guild Holistic Therapists

2011 Therapeutic Massage ITEC Diploma Level 3

2011 Anatomy & Physiology ITEC Diploma Level 3

2012 Reflexology ITEC Diploma Level 3

2014 Crystal Healing Certificate Lucis College, The Guild Holistic Therapists

2014 Emotional Freedom Technique Certificate Lucis College

2014 Ayurvedic Face Lift Certificate Lucis College, The Guild of Holistic Therapists

2018 Aromatouch Technique Certificate Dr.David K. Hill, Chief Medical Officer

2018 Luxury Beauty Facial Diploma Associated Beauty Therapists

2018 Pregnancy/ Abdominal Massage Diploma Gateway

2018 Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage Diploma Gateway

2019 Myofascial Release Diploma Gateway

2019 Neal’s Yard Remedies Holistic Facial Ines Willis

Professional Bodies

Member of the International Federation of Reflexologists

Days at Neal’s Yard

Mondays 10.30am to 1.30pm

Also available for home visits – women only – ring Beth directly on 07443 625 638

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Jo King


I’ve been working as a holistic therapist for over 5 years now, specialising in reiki and reflexology. My personal healing journey started when I was recovering from a cycling accident and hip surgery. Seeking deeper healing than what was just offered on the conventional route, I realized that recovery was also linked to mental, energetic, emotional and my spiritual self, thus I learned to self-heal through my reiki, energy healing journey and reflexology. I’m now trained at level 3 reiki or master/teacher level, although reiki has a habit of being the master of my life these days! Through my years of practice I’ve been able to attune to releasing trauma and past life traumas for clients which are stored in our energy fields and in turn can lead to dis-ease, discomfort and health conditions. Limiting self-belief systems and self-narratives learnt in childhood can also affect our energetic fields and cause dense energy build-ups and blockages in the body’s systems. Through reiki/energy healing sessions, the flow of energy can be restored and rebalanced throughout the energetic, emotional , mental and physical bodies. I also incorporate elemental/nature and crystal energies into my practices where guided to.

Training as a reflexologist, I wanted to acquire a deeper knowledge of the physical but also the mental and emotional connections in the body and its systems. Currently specialising in the Vagus nerve (Mindful) reflexology, which is a deeply relaxing and restorative treatment. Each of us lead busy lives at times and in this modern world we can often get stuck in the fight and flight (anxiety and stress) of everyday life situations. The Vagus nerve reflexology can help to calm the body’s organs and nervous system to a place of homeostasis, relaxation and balance. Frequently our bodies can come under unnecessary duress, which affects our holistic mental, physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing. I’m grateful to be able to facilitate healing and support anyone that chooses to undertake their individual healing journey and a firm believer that our bodies are more than capable of self-healing through the healing practices.


Reiki 1+2 2015 and reiki 3 (master/teacher level) 2019 – Anna Rose

Reflexology 2017 Bristol school of holistic therapies

Mindful reflexology 2018 – Sally Earlham

Professional Bodies

 AOR – Association of Reflexologists

Days at Neal’s Yard

Saturday 1.30pm – 6.15pm Alternate weeks.

Wednesday 1.30 – 5pm Alternate weeks.

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Caroline Metz

Working Fridays 1.30 – 5pm 

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I am an experienced kinesiology practitioner, certified by the Kinesiology Association. After kinesiology helped to get to the root of my son’s health issues over 10 years ago, I decided to change careers and train as a kinesiologist myself. I am a firm believer in the power of the body to heal itself when it is rebalanced and given the right tools and help.

My aim is to empower people to regain control of their health and to provide the appropriate support to help you do this. My recommendations and guidance may include lifestyle changes, taking nutritional supplements and/or flower remedies, eliminating certain foods from your diet, etc.

I see all clients but particularly enjoy working with children and young people and seeing how they and their families benefit from kinesiology. I make sure children’s sessions are informal, relaxed and fun!

Some of the health issues I have helped people with include: stress and anxiety, digestive disorders, back pain, migraines, low energy, low immunity, depression, eczema, asthma, learning difficulties, menopausal symptoms, weight loss/gain.

Feel free to contact me before you book an appointment. I am happy to talk either on the phone or face-to-face to see how kinesiology and/or reiki might help you or your child.


Certificate of Advanced Systematic Kinesiology

Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Practitioner and Master/Teacher)

Bach Flower Remedies Levels 1 and 2

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism

Diploma Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology

Basic first aid certificate

Professional Bodies

Kinesiology Association

Shibumi International Reiki Association

Days at Neal’s Yard

Friday 1.30 pm-5 pm




Health questionnaire-C. Metz Kinesiology (in word) – please download and complete and email back to Caroline or bring in on the day. (PDF version here: Health questionnaire (C. Metz))

Anna Kwasigroch

Working Wed Afternoons, Fridays & Saturdays

Anna’s passion for complementary therapies started when she received a short reflexology session, which helped to release pain that she had. She decided to study Reflexology to be in the position to support others. She qualified as a Reflexologist in 2008 and went on to gain her Diploma in Holistic Massage two years later.

She has been constantly upgrading her knowledge and skills by attending reflexology, massage and healing workshops.

She has been supporting different types of people, specializing in dealing with stress and stress related conditions and also supporting people that face emotional challenges. She tailors each session according to client’s needs, adjusting the pressure and using her nurturing touch to encourage the state of relaxation and supporting the release of blockages and tension.


IEB Diploma in Reflexology 2008

Reflexology in Preconception, Pregnancy and Post Natal Care 2009

ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage 2010

Myofascial Release CThA 2010

Thai Herb Compress Massage 2012

Advanced Level Practitioner and Teacher of Transference Healing 2012

Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork Training 2019

Kinetic Chain Release 2019

Professional Bodies

Member of CThA

Days at Neal’s Yard

Friday 9.30 – 6pm and Sunday 11 – 5pm (& Wed 2 – 6pm until March 2020)

TRANSFERENCE HEALING: Please contact Anna for appointment

Ruth Brown

I have been working as a Complementary Therapist for 8 years. Since I was a child I have always felt a deep infinity with nature which sparked my interest in Holistic Therapies. I look to natural forms of healing as way of treating mind, body and spirit , which with all the day to day stresses of modern life can become out of balance, creating tension and illness , both physically and mentally in ourselves.
I am trained in a wide range of therapies such as Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage and  Seated Acupressure as well as Spa treatments such as Scrubs , Body Wraps and Facials.
Many of these therapies originated in the Far East thousands of years ago and their roots can be found in Ayurvedic and  Chinese traditions. They treat the person as a whole rather than the isolated symptoms. Massage and reflexology not only relax the body and mind, but boost the immune system, release natural endorphins that can combat depression and anxiety, aid lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, tone the muscles, and release blockages in the energy channels  resulting in increased vitality and energy.
I believe the more we listen to our body’s messages the more it responds with increased health and vitality. We all deserve a bit of time out for ourselves to relax, switch off and recuperate in an environment where we can feel tranquil and safe. Holistic Therapies are to me a stepping stone on the pathway to self love, self awareness and spiritual development, where the needs of our body , mind and spirit are nurtured as a whole.


I trained at City of Bath College where I qualified in Complementary Therapies (VTCT Level 3) in 2011 and then Spa Therapies (VTCT level 3 ) in 2013.

Professional Bodies

Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists FHT

Days at Neal’s Yard

Saturday 9.30am-6.00pm & Sunday  10.30am – 5.00pm. Alternate weeks.

Web Page & Facebook

For more information visit my website : www.calmingminervasholistictherapiesbath.com

Lucy Peel

Lucy Peel

Lucy Peel

Lucy works with various naturopathic therapies to help get your body back into balance. Naturopathy is a very holistic therapy as all aspects of a person are considered, including the emotional, mental and physical.

Lucy graduated from the University of Westminster with a first-class honours degree in Naturopathy in 2010 and with a Masters in Nutritional Therapy in 2017.  As part of her studies she learnt about naturopathic nutrition, detoxing and cleansing, therapeutic massage, lymphatic cleansing, naturopathic hydrotherapy, Bach Flower remedies and other fascinating natural health knowledge that everyone should know about!  She has also completed her yoga teacher training which she incorporates into her therapeutic plans where appropriate.

Lucy has always been interested in complementary medicine, particularly the effects food can have on mood.  She discovered Naturopathy when living in Australia in her mid-20s and a few years later took the plunge into returning to university and retraining.  She is also a Reiki level 2 practitioner which she incorporates into her naturopathic practice.

Her approach in practice is very holistic, exploring the mental/emotional, physical and biochemical aspects of a person and how this will be affecting their health.  Her treatment plans are based on this holistic approach and she really enjoys working with her patients to encourage them to make the changes that are achievable for them.

Lucy is registered with the General Council and Register of Naturopaths and is fully insured to practice.


BSc Naturopathy (First Class Honors)

MSc Nutritional therapy (Distinction)

Ashtanga Yoga teacher training (200 hours)

Reiki levels I & II


Professional Bodies

GCRN (General Council and Register of Naturopaths)

CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)

YAP (Yoga Alliance Professionals)


Days at Neal’s Yard

Wednesday 2pm – 6pm


Naturopathy for Health


Initial registration form Lucy Peel