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Madeleine Zagni

Madeleine has been a massage therapist since 2002, and is qualified in a range of therapies – Sports Massage (LSSM), Thai massage, Rolfing (The Rolf Guild) 2012, and Yoga Therapy; as well as having additional skills in Cranio –  Sacral Therapy (Upledger) and Ayurvedic Face Massage.

She is a member of the International Association of Structural Integration and fully insured through Balens.

Through her various trainings she has a very holistic approach and can tailor
bodywork sessions to your requirements;

• Structural bodywork or Rolfing to work with old postural issues or chronic injuries and movement difficulties.

• Improved athletic performance found with sports and deep tissue massage.
• A remedial approach for stress reduction, energy balancing and emotional calming.


Yoga Therapy YT 500 – Accredited May 2020 American Viniyoga
Institute Gary Kraftsow www.viniyoga.com

Rolf Method of Structural Integration – Rolf Guild Boulder USA June 2012 www.rolfguild.org

Sports massage – London school of sports massage – Mel Cash June 2001 www.lssm.com

Biomechanics – Gary Ward AiM https://findingcentre.co.uk/2019 – 2022

Shiatsu – European shiatsu school

Amatsu Integrated Medicine – April 2004

Thai massage – Sunshine Network, Chang Mai Thailand – Asokananda May 2001 www.thaiyogamassage.infothai.com

Upledger Cranio Sacral Therapy 1& 2 2008, Somato Emotional Release 1 2009 www.upledger.co.uk

Reiki 1 & 2 – Michael Kaufmann – London, Reiki Master – Julie Elizabeth White 2008

Anatomy Trains UK – Fascial Release series with James Earls 2013/2014 www.anatomytrains.co.uk

Yoga therapy & TTC – Atmavikasa 2006/08 www.atmavikasayoga.com

TTC – Sukashanti 2008. www.sukhashanti.net

Yin Yoga TTC – Paul Grilley 2010 www.paulgrilley.com

TTC & Yoga Therapy – Svastha Yoga 2013 www.svasthayoga.net

Various seminars with Srivatsa Ramaswami 2012/13 www.vinyasakrama.com

TTC with Steve Brandon – Harmony Yoga 2014 www.harmonyyoga.co.uk

Professional Bodies:

Member of the International Association of Structural Integration

Days at Neal’s Yard:

Tuesday pm


Or contact her on 0778 6066434.

Leora Sharp

Nurture and support yourself – Blissful Massage for relaxation in Bath

There’s a moment in most massage sessions when I notice my client’s breathing changes. And the energy in the room shifts. They have dropped into a deep space of peace and calm.  I smile to myself and think, “this is why I do what I do what I do!’
And I would love to help you to enter this ‘deep space’, as I like to call it…
… A deep, deep relaxation where you can float in and out of consciousness, almost without noticing. A space where you can feel utterly at peace and nothing matters. A deep space of nothingness. It’s like being suspended in bliss.

This space allows you to reconnect with and restore yourself.

In this beautiful and sometimes crazy modern world, there are many stresses and strains that can lead to physical pain, mental anguish and illness.

So come for a blissful massage and free yourself from your troubles. Free your body, mind and soul.

I am here to help women through difficult times. I offer safe and supportive blissful massage for:

  • challenging and stressful times
  • mental exhaustion
  • emotional fatigue
  • bereavement
  • illness
  • depression

What are the sessions like and how will you feel?

The treatments are deeply relaxing, restorative, therapeutic and healing. Each treatment is different and together, we plan each session according to your needs. The sessions will leave you peaceful and nurtured. We can also explore post treatment self-care options. I respect you, your modesty and your privacy – it’s all about you.

Through massage and bodywork we can work to your needs, gentle or deep, to relieve tension and niggling knots that build through stress. Working therapeutically and energetically, we can release emotional blockages and effectively support, guide and empower you to keep moving forward.


Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage and bodywork with Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology – 2007

Extended Hands free Massage training with Darien Pritchard – 2008/09

BTEC Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training – 2022

Level 3 Award in Education and Training – 2016

Professional Bodies

Massage Training Institute – MTI

Days at Neal’s Yard

Every 4th Wednesday from 2 – 6pm. Dates for 2023: Aug 23, Sept 20, (Oct date TBC), Nov 15, Dec 13 

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