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Sensorial Herbalism

Thursday, 23rd February 2023

£15 Ticket includes 20% off Neal’s Yard products on the night and a goody
bag. There will be a refreshments and nibbles.
You will also be able to redeem the ticket price
against treatments booked with Giacomo within a month of the workshop.

The sensorial herbalism workshop is designed to facilitate your intuitive
connection with common medicinal herbs. You will be guided on a sensorial
journey to connect with herbal medicines in their dried, infused, and tinctured
This process will allow to gain experiential wisdom that you will be able to
apply to your everyday life. You will also receive a 50ml tincture at the end of
the workshop to take home with you
This will take place on the shop floor and will sell out quickly so don’t delay ringing to secure
your place. 

Event on shopfloor at Neal’s Yard Remedies, 11 Northumberland Place, Bath, BA1 5AR
Call to book 01225 466944

Event on shopfloor of Neal’s Yard Remedies, 11 Northumberland Place, Bath, BA1 5AR
Call to book 01225 466944

Ayurvedic Facelift with Beth Lass

THURSDAY, 16 th February 2023

£15 Ticket includes a goody bag and 20% off on any shopping on the night.
Also redeemable against treatments with Beth within a month of the event.

Beth will talk you through a sequence stimulating the facial marma points. Energy
blockages are released here. The stresses of everyday life can build up within our facial muscles. This gentle technique can help to delay the aging process by releasing deep-seated tensions and freeing layers of muscle and connective tissues.
Facial muscle tone and elasticity are improved. This workshop will give you the tools to be able to give yourself a natural face lift.

To book or learn more, call 01225466944
or contact Beth via her website

Dive Deeper and Truly Relax at our Reflexology and Reiki Talk and Demonstration

6pm on 27th October

£15 Ticket includes a goody bag and 20% off any shopping on the night. Also redeemable against treatments with Jo King within a month of the event. 

Jo is excited to offer a talk and demonstration on reflexology and mindful reflexology which incorporates the vagus nerve, both modalities are relaxing and powerful, healing and balancing. 

Dive deeper with a vagal nerve mindful reflexology/demo. This type of reflexology specifically works with your fight or flight reaction center, which we can all experience on a day to day level. It goes that little bit deeper so you can just be in your body and let go of intrusive or unhelpful repetitive thoughts. It also assists in grounding, so truly connects you to Source. Each session is unique to the individual and allows you to feel held, supported and connected.

To book; Call 01225466944 or pop in the shop 

To learn more; Call Jo directly on 07899 796 256 

Shopfloor Event

Shopfloor Event

Kinesiology Talk & Demonstration

On the shop floor Thursday, 15th September 2022 6pm till 7:30pm

If you’ve ever wondered what kinesiology is and how it works, here’s your chance to find out.

Kinesiologist Caroline Metz will introduce you to this intriguing therapy and demonstrate it in action. There will be an opportunity to experience kinesiology muscle testing yourself and to learn how it’s used for food intolerance testing. Bring food items to test!

This will be a relaxed, informal and hands-on session, of interest to anyone who would like to find out more about kinesiology and explore how to get to the root of their health issues.

Ticket price is redemable on treatments booked up to 1 month after the talk/event.

For more info contact Caroline on 07515 739681 www.kinesiologyhealth.co.uk

Book your place by phoning the shop on 01225 466944

Caroline Metz has been working at Neal’s Yard Remedies as a practitioner for many years and sees clients with issues ranging from headaches, low energy and anxiety to digestive problems, eczema and asthma, and much more! She specialises in working with children and teenagers.

Caroline has always been an advocate of natural health and discovered kinesiology when it helped her son over 12 years ago. After being made redundant from her job shortly afterwards, she was inspired by this experience to train as a kinesiologist. More recently, she qualified as a reiki practitioner and teacher.

She has a passion for natural health and the ability of the body to heal itself, given the right tools and support, and is especially interested in how our emotions affect our physical health. She is dedicated to prevention as well as alleviating conditions. Her aim is to guide and support you to optimum health in a holistic way that works for you as an individual. Her approach is non-judgemental, calm and compassionate.

Kinesiology is a simple, non-invasive therapy, suitable for all age-groups. It uses muscle testing to detect imbalances in the body which are causing symptoms and corrects those imbalances using nutritional supplements, flower remedies, emotional stress release techniques, stimulation of lymphatic points and energy work.

My Exciting Flower Remedies Journey by Jane Basson

Like many people, I have long been aware of Bach Rescue Remedy and had used it once or twice, although it wasn’t really on my radar.  It wasn’t until I began working at Neal’s Yard Remedies Bath in August 2018 that I became more aware of the whole range of flower remedies and their potential to play a big part in our health and wellbeing.  As I listened to colleagues talking to customers about the remedies, I became fascinated by their gentle healing powers and made it my mission to find out more.

I was in the middle of a year-long foundation course in Herbal Medicine when the pandemic hit in 2020.  The course was a distance learning one, so it was ideal for me to complete this during that long summer of lockdowns, and gave me a real focus during that difficult time.  However, the uncertainty of that period made me question the wisdom of going on to the three-year full-time degree course in herbal medicine – and it was then that I had a light bulb moment!  I just knew that it was the flower remedies I wanted to study instead – I instinctively felt that this was the direction meant for me and I enrolled, full of anticipation, on Part 1 of the Bach Flower Remedies training.

The course, despite taking place via Zoom due to the pandemic, was expertly run and utterly fascinating.  I felt a whole new world had opened up to me and I soaked up all this fascinating new information like a sponge.  

The flower remedies are a wonderful way to address negative feelings and emotions (and haven’t we all had a lot of those during the last couple of years?).  Dr Bach, who developed this system during the 1930s, believed that physical symptoms and disease manifest from a negative emotional state – and of course now it is widely acknowledged that the mind and body are closely linked and that mental and physical health go hand in hand.   

How wonderful to be able to address anxiety, worry, uncertainty, feelings of inadequacy or of over-worry for others by using gentle, powerful flower remedies – which have no side effects, are really easy to take and are completely safe for everyone to use.

From Mimulus which helps with fear of known things (like a job interview or exams) to Aspen for fear of unknown things (a vague feeling of apprehension but not really knowing why), Walnut (for protection from overbearing people in our lives or to help with changes such as moving house or going to a new school) to Elm (for capable people who just feel temporarily overwhelmed with all their responsibilities).  This is just the tip of the iceberg – there are 38 remedies (plus Rescue or Five Flower Remedy) which can be taken individually or in a blend tailored to our needs.  At Neal’s Yard Remedies we sell the Healing Herbs range, which are prepared and created to the exact method created by Dr Bach.

I am very excited about moving on to Part 2 of my training this year and fully intend to carry on to Part 3 (Practitioner Level).  I have seen the (sometimes quite profound) benefits of using the remedies with my own family and now I love to share my passion with our lovely Neal’s Yard customers.

I’m very much looking forward to hosting some special events at our Bath store over the coming months, where customers will have the opportunity to make up their own flower remedy blend to take home.

So, watch this space for more information about upcoming workshops/events and in the meantime feel free to come into the shop to chat to our friendly team about the wonderful world of flower remedies.

Join Christiane from the 30 June – 06 July 2019 and be fit for the summer

Fasting with Christiane Ley

Start your summer 2019 with a fun challenge that will teach you how to gently and naturally de-tox, how to use fasting to work towards your ideal weight and improve your overall state. In this week programme, you will learn:

– How to fast in different modes to work towards your ideal weight, tackle your health issues, maintain your good health and boost immunity.

– How to use smoothies effectively and to harvest the power of nature to learn what your body essentially needs, aid the release of toxins and strengthen your immune system.

– How to use special alkaline salts to release toxins and acidity in a safe and gentle way.

– How to use warm water effectively to support you during de-tox and fasting.

What to expect

– Christiane will provide you with a guide you for the week and will be fasting with you. She will be available throughout to support you through this process. You will experience, particularly using the Buchinger method, what a profound effect fasting can have on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. 

– During this week, your experience will be supported by concentrating on green smoothies and alkaline bathing.

– If you live in or around the Bath area the group can meet live. You will get further information upon booking and once numbers have been confirmed. 

– The cost of this programme will be £80 for the week. 
To book please email: homeoley@gmail.com or text Christiane on 07532 02 01 06

– Please note places will be filled on a first come first served basis. Get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Early Life Nutrition Workshops

Feeding babies, toddlers and preschoolers isn’t always easy, but don’t be discouraged!

It often takes time and patience to develop healthy eating habits in young children.

How to develop healthy eating habits in young children.

Come and join us for these workshops and learn all about Early Life Nutrition.

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Shamanic Journeying Group 1st Wednesday of each month 8pm

15284901_1168599583177677_6422117388852536589_nLearn the basics of shamanic journeying and build up experience and knowledge over time.

Journeying within a safe and held environment, led by an experienced shamanic practitioner, the group meets regularly to journey together to achieve personal and community wide healing and transformation.

Workshops are the first Wednesday of the month, next one being 7th December

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NEXT WORKSHOP – Bach and Bush Flower Remedies

Making up the Bach Flower Remedies30th June – 6.45pm – 8.45pm

Following on from International Essence Awareness Week, 18-25 June, Registered Neal’s Yard practitioners, Celia Stewart (Bach Practitioner and Massage therapist) and Lucy Peel (Naturopath) are holding an evening workshop at Neal’s Yard in Bath examining some of the most popular Bach Remedies and their uses in difficult situations, such as when we find ourselves under pressure or things go wrong in life.

We will also be looking at the Bush Flower blends and sprays and how to incorporate them into daily life.

There will be an option to purchase a personally blended flower remedy for £5.

Tickets: £15 – includes the talk, and some lovely herbal teas and bliss balls

Please ring 01225 466944 to buy your ticket and secure your place.

Date and Time: Thursday 30th June, 6.45 – 8.45pm

Open Evening in our Therapy Rooms


We are having an open evening at our Therapy Rooms on Wednesday, May 25th from 6.30 until 8.30pm.

Please come and meet the practitioners, try some taster sessions and find out more about the vast array of treatments we offer.

We now have 30 therapists working from the clinic and have recently added Nutritional therapy, Healing, Naturopathy and Ayurvedic massage to the long list of therapies.

There will be wine and nibbles and some super-food smoothies for you to try.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Wednesday 25th May at 6:30pm

Neal’s Yard Remedies in Bath