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Janet Snowdon talks about Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy helps people to live their lives to the full, restoring health simply,400_Janet-Snowdon naturally and effectively. It supports adults and children in their everyday lives, helping them deal with the stress and subsequent illnesses resulting from a fast paced and rapidly changing world.

Homoeopathy is a holistic medicine that treats the whole person not just their disease. Each person is unique, therefore every consultation is tailored to the needs of the individual.

The first appointment lasts for an hour and a half to enable me to understand your symptoms fully on a deep level. This is the time for you to talk about your complaints and how they effect your day to day life. It also allows me the time to gather all the information I require to find your remedy.

I have been practising Homoeopathy in Bath for over thirty years andfeel as passionate about it now as I did at the beginning, if not more so. Every year brings new ideas, new avenues to explore, new patients and a deeper understanding of Homoeopathy and the process and development of disease.

For twenty five years I have been teaching Homoeopathy in the UK and around the world. Lecturing has taken me to several countries in Europe as well as Ireland, Scandanavia, the USA,Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. It is a joy to share my knowledge with students of so many nationalities. I also learn a great deal, not only from the students, but also from the developments and ideas that are taking Homoeopathy forward all over the globe.

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