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Meet our New Nutritional Therapist Monika Jakiel-Rusin

The new year has started and we all have lots of fresh new thoughts about our future. We set the goals and resolutions and very often one of the first things on our list would be to improve our health, diet and lifestyle.  Unfortunately there is so much misleading information out there about diet and food that most of us become confused and give up quickly. I also find it a challenge as a professional, because I need do lots of research to keep up to date before I can advise people on healthy diet. We are all individuals and everyone is different, so there is no good advice for everyone. For you it’s important to get advice which will work for you. To stay healthy in a long term, it is essential to have a sensible plan in place.  I understand that it’s hard to do it without any support, so I offer it to people.

I believe in simplicity and minimalism. Therefore, my philosophy is based on staying as natural as possible, eliminating what’s unnecessary and leaving what’s essential in life. My Harmony & Balance nutrition therapy is based on using natural, local, seasonal and organic ingredients and cooking from scratch whenever possible. It eliminates all highly processed food, ready meals & highly refined products. It reduces stimulants consumption such as coffee, tea and alcohol. It’s supplemented with a very simple physical activity program which will suit you, your needs and your lifestyle. Step by step it will teach you how to take control over your diet, help with detoxification processes within your body and boost your energy levels. It will make you healthier, happier, leaner and stronger.

You can find me on Tuesdays at Neal’s Yard Remedies. Pop in for a free chat and find out more. I also offer 25% off your first appointment for a limited time.  I hope to see you soon.

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