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Nutrition Workshop with Monika – Through Nutrition to a Healthier & Happier You


Our workshops will cover some of the most common health issues affecting the life quality of millions of people around the world.

Our first workshop will focus on Sugar Imbalances.Numerous studies associate increased sugar intake with many health problems, such as addiction, obesity, diabetes, stress, heart disease and more. It is important to understand how strongly blood glucose levels affectbody’s adrenal and metabolic functions. You will be able to expand your knowledge on the main macronutrients and how they individually influence the blood glucose balance. We will discuss  what the sugar actually is, how the refined sugar differs from natural sweeteners such as honey,and you will learn how to control an intake of any sugars and why it is important.

Sugar workshop will ease you into the next workshopcovering Stress & Sleeplessness which are both strongly connected to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that the right nutrition and physical activity can reduce the production of stress hormones, increase the production of stress relive substances in the body, and  improve the sleep.  You will learn what and when to eat to stay more calm and relaxed, and to increase your chances of getting a better quality of sleep. You will get to know more about the best foods to choose from and those to avoid in order to increase your chances of getting past insomnia.

The next workshop will be focused specifically on certain food sensitivities to the most common allergens such as gluten and diary. You will learn how to avoid the allergens while shopping, eating out and cooking.  You will be able to expand your knowledge on cooking and baking with gluten free grains and flours and dairy alternatives, and also which grains are best for nutrients when following gluten free and dairy free diet. I will share with you my secrets, such as how to make ready in half an hour gluten free soda bread, what’s the easiest way of making your own almond milk which will be full of nutrients and flavour, and many more other very useful tips like that. I will teach you some of the best dietary tricks that will allow you have completely balanced and nutritionally complete diet that you will enjoy.

Our last workshop is directed to all women suffering from hormonal imbalances and menopause. Physical and emotional symptoms caused by the hormonal changes can be really unpleasant and hard to cope with. There is a lot of evidence showing that maintaining a healthy weight and staying fit can improve some menopausal symptoms and release the tension associated with it. Moreover, by eating specific foods containing plant-derived oestrogens, called phytoestrogens,  you can significantly improve the symptoms such as hot flashes,depression, irritability & low energy levels. You will learn how to find the best food sources of phytoestrogens and how to incorporate them in your diet. I will also share some of my best cooking tips on how to make them delicious and full of flavour.

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