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Christiane Ley


For more than twenty years I have been committed to homeopathy, holistic treatments and healing philosophies.

I offer an integrated treatment model for adults and children, which includes classical homeopathy as well as natural self-care methods. I teach and facilitate these methods individually tailored to the needs of my homeopathic clients, including alkaline bathing, fasting, colon cleanse and others.

I know from my own experience that our health is not so easy to manage in the context of our culture and stressful lifestyles. I admire the developments of conventional medicine that deal with acute and life-threatening matters but I never really believed that it can offer a progressive healing perspective for chronic disease and the management of physical health as well as mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

In my experience, healing occurs when real changes happen within us and life is redirected along the tracks we were supposed to follow. Health means flexibility and adaptability on every level. We are not mechanical objects which can be repaired by a mere adjustment or replacement of parts – we are whole and thus need to heal in an integrated way.

I believe that, alongside the homeopathic treatment, sometimes a few very simple steps can free up blockages that prevent our organism from getting onto the road to good health.

My endeavour is to aid each client to find the path back to their intrinsic health – a model which encourages you to own your responsibility for what goes on in your body and processes of consciousness.

I studied homeopathy at the School of Homeopathy in Devon from 1998-2003. Alongside my studies of classical homeopathy, my training included anatomy and physiology, pathology and disease. From 2004-07 I took part in a three-year postgraduate course in Bologna, Italy, with Massimo Mangialavori MD, whose work on the body mind connection greatly enriched my skills.

I practised homeopathy and taught at the International School of Homeopathy in London and also online with students in Japan. I have studied mindfulness and meditation, both through reading widely and in seminars and online courses, with Thomas Hübl, a modern mystic and spiritual teacher, and others. I study and practise fasting and detox protocols on a regular basis and follow particularly the protocols of Rüdiger Dahlke MD and Alexandra Stross, among others.

I am so looking forward to working with you and to exploring together what it is you really need at this point in time!


Diploma of the School of Homeopathy, UK 2002

Postgraduate certification of the Koine International School for Homeopathic Medicine, Bologna, Italy 2007



I am registered and fully insured with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths






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