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Jo King

Mindful Reflexology, Reflexology, Reiki, and Shamanic Energy Medicine


I’ve been working as a holistic therapist for over 5 years now, specialising in reiki and reflexology. My personal healing journey started when I was recovering from a cycling accident and hip surgery. Seeking deeper healing than what was just offered on the conventional route, I realized that recovery was also linked to mental, energetic, emotional and my spiritual self, thus I learned to self-heal through my reiki, energy healing journey and reflexology. I’m now trained at level 3 reiki or master/teacher level, although reiki has a habit of being the master of my life these days! Through my years of practice I’ve been able to attune to releasing trauma and past life traumas for clients which are stored in our energy fields and in turn can lead to dis-ease, discomfort and health conditions. Limiting self-belief systems and self-narratives learnt in childhood can also affect our energetic fields and cause dense energy build-ups and blockages in the body’s systems. Through reiki/energy healing sessions, the flow of energy can be restored and rebalanced throughout the energetic, emotional , mental and physical bodies. I also incorporate elemental/nature and crystal energies into my practices where guided to.

Training as a reflexologist, I wanted to acquire a deeper knowledge of the physical but also the mental and emotional connections in the body and its systems. Currently specialising in the Vagus nerve (Mindful) reflexology, which is a deeply relaxing and restorative treatment. Each of us lead busy lives at times and in this modern world we can often get stuck in the fight and flight (anxiety and stress) of everyday life situations. The Vagus nerve reflexology can help to calm the body’s organs and nervous system to a place of homeostasis, relaxation and balance. Frequently our bodies can come under unnecessary duress, which affects our holistic mental, physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing. I’m grateful to be able to facilitate healing and support anyone that chooses to undertake their individual healing journey and a firm believer that our bodies are more than capable of self-healing through the healing practices.


Reiki 1+2 2015 and reiki 3 (master/teacher level) 2019 – Anna Rose

Reflexology 2017 Bristol school of holistic therapies

Mindful reflexology 2018 – Sally Earlham

Professional Bodies

 AOR – Association of Reflexologists

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Wednesday 1.30 – 5pm Alternate weeks.

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