11 Northumberland Place, Bath, BA1 5AR

01225 466 944

Practitioners offering Phone and Internet Sessions

Caroline Josling

Holistic Face treatments, Clinical Aromatherapy for general wellbeing, fertility and pregnancy.

07973 732 842

Offering a 30-minute zoom consultation to discuss general health, skincare issues, which Neals Yard preparation is best for you or how to give yourself a rejuvenating face massage boosting collagen, or the use of jade rollers and any issues you would like to discuss.
Following the consultation, I will follow up with an email with my suggestions, perhaps some essential oil preparations or ways to use essential oils, possibly some lifestyle and supplement suggestions to enhance your wellbeing leading to holistic whole health you.
Charge is £30

Ottavia Mazzoni   DISTANT HEALING

07909 050786

“We are living in a time where the Coronavirus pandemic show us the massive amount of collective fear that is arising and with it, high levels of anxiety become the norm. Without presence, we will only be scared and frightened and will allow fear to run our decisions; but it does not need to be so.”
“As we all are learning how to connect, support and care for one another from a distance, with many people struggling to manage the variety of emotions that come up, Ottavia offers DISTANT HEALING: a combination of Somatic Experiencing, to bring regulation to the nervous system, followed by a calming distant Reiki, to settle in the newly found peace. Get in touch to book an online session if you need help to manage anxiety.”


Ruth is offering free 15-minute mini-consultations on the phone, and also more in-depth telephone or zoom consultations. Where possible she can post prescriptions (payment via BACS or cheque in advance) or send the prescription to Neal’s Yard Remedies in Bath for postage or collection.
07986825699 (if answer machine leave a message)
Or send an e-mail


Beth is experienced with supporting clients who have suffered from stressful situations which have had an impact on their physical well being. EFT aims to reduce anxiety and change negative thought form patterns which enables a person to move on with their life as they break through these blockages. She works with the client to find the root of the issue, teaching them the tapping routine. The tapping and holding on meridians acts like a medium for holding the focus and intention. The wonderful thing about EFT is that after the session, the client can then continue to use the method on their own.
Beth is also available for distant healing which focuses on balancing the subtle energy system for ones well being.
1 to 1 sessions available in your own home via Zoom or WhatsApp. Please contact her directly 07443 625638 or by email info@rockrosetherapies.co.uk


Caroline Metz is offering the following sessions online: kinesiology, nutritional support, flower remedies, distant reiki. £40 for up to one hour. Please contact her directly for more info and to book – 07515 739681 www.kinesiologyhealth.co.uk


Jon can offer somatic psychotherapy which works very well online. Helping clients ease and release stress, anxiety, depression, and grief through a highly effective body-orientated approach. Pease call Jon for details on  07960 745 584



Maxine has been working very successfully with clients who are finding our present situation
challenging and creating a rise of Anxiety and Fear symptoms. Working 1 to 1 in the comfort of your own  home via Zoom, she will help to lower the levels of  anxiety and help you regain a sense of control.
Contact Maxine on 07985976798 or by email
 Maxine is also running a group Relaxation session twice
a week via Zoom. Please use above contacts for details.