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The Moon Inside You

A workshop with Daniella Carrozza BSc (Hons) Med Herb

THURSDAY, 2nd November 2023 

6pm – 8pm

£20 Ticket includes a goody bag and 20% off on any NYR shopping on the night. 

Also redeemable against treatments with Daniella booked within a month of the event.  

Join Daniella on a journey into the map of womanhood and the power of working with the cycles of life – an evening of sacred women’s space.

This workshop is relevant to women of all ages who have or have had a womb. Daniella will guide you through the map of womanhood, the psychospiritual aspects of the menstrual cycle, and how to prepare for the menopause.

You will gain an awareness of where to place yourself on the map of womanhood now (from the school of Sunheart Shamanism), as well as how to confidently map each individual menstrual cycle as you move through the phases of your life.

We will look at the stages of the menopause, what to expect, how to create your own mantra and support yourself in body and mind throughout this transition, whether you are still menstruating, in the midst of menopause or have stopped bleeding, but still experiencing symptoms.

We will be drawing on the wisdom and healing gifts of the Rose during this session and drinking some delicious Rose tea, which is deeply beneficial to the nervous system and the heart and brings a quality of loving peace and tranquillity to your whole being.

Daniella is a medical herbalist and massage therapist and has been working in the field of complementary health care for over 20 years. She has taken a particular interest in women’s health and the womb mysteries since the birth of her children. She has trained with Jewels Wingfield, Living tantra, Deva Pathways and Sunheart Shamanism over the last 10 years during her own womb awakening. 

Daniella looks forward to welcoming you into the space to share some of the sacred feminine mysteries and hopes you will benefit from deepening into your own relationship with the powerful creative energy and wisdom of the womb.

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