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Biofield Tuning

BIOFIELD TUNING is a vibrational sound therapy.  Energy flow is essential for life. Energy flows through channels within our body and circulates in a field around our body, called the BIOFIELD. Energy allows us to move, think, feel emotions, access memories and engage with life.

Balanced energy flow enables us to respond to everyday situations in a harmonious way. Our BIOFIELD holds the record of our lives: all our memories, beliefs and emotional responses are stored here. Significant life events can move our lives out of balance. Difficult or challenging situations leave a chaotic energy blockage in the BIOFIELD. This may be experienced as strong emotions, uncomfortable memories, physical issues, or a sense of being stuck. These issues can feel difficult to resolve.

A BIOFIELD TUNING practitioner uses the pure tone of a tuning fork to locate chaotic energy blocks in someone’s BIOFIELD. The coherent tone of the tuning fork brings order and balance to the energy holding the difficult event, and restores energy flow. As the energy around the event harmonises, it allows the person to move towards resolution of past events, to change old beliefs and perceptions and regain balance and control of their life. BIOFIELD TUNING assists people to make changes they otherwise could not make on their own. It can help with physical, mental or emotional symptoms, freeing us from the past so we can step into a new future.


About me:

Justine qualified as a physiotherapist in 2001 and worked in the NHS for 20 years.  In 2006 Justine studied acupuncture and found she had a natural ability  to find and clear energetic blocks in the body’s subtle energy field. Justine noticed that as these blocks cleared, her clients witnessed changes in their everyday life.

With further study, Justine found that the physical and energy bodies hold the unique record of our life.  Unresolved thoughts, emotions and events don’t disappear. They are held as blocks in our energy flow which can present as issues in the body, or limitations in our life. Once these energy blocks are released, we can begin to heal and harmonise our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

With excitement for the potential to assist her clients resolve their trauma and challenges,  Justine diligently studied a range of  holistic therapies to combine her deep understanding of the body acquired through her physiotherapy career, with her growing knowledge of the subtle energy field. This journey culminated in Justine specialising in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Biofield Tuning (Sound/Vibrational Therapy): holistic modalities that are reliable, genuine and offer clients real solutions to change their lives.

Justine is a compassionate, skilful practitioner with many years experience assisting those on their healing journey. With the highest level of integrity, Justine’s heartfelt intention is to assist her clients to navigate their life back to balance.



First Class Honours Degree: BSc (HONS) Physiotherapy, Keele University July 2001

Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Biofield Tuning Certification Program, May 2022 [only one training school in the world, based in Vermont, USA (www.biofieldtuning.com)]

Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, May 2023 [studied at Resonance Trainings UK: fully accredited Training Provider with the Craniosacral Therapy Association], (www.resonance.org.uk)


Professional Bodies:

Member of AOR: Association of Reflexologists: (www.aor.org.uk)

Member of Craniosacral Therapy Association: (www.craniosacral.co.uk)

Days at Neal’s Yard:

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