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Diet Analysis & Weight Loss

July 3, 2018

Change is scary and can be uncomfortable. We understand that and create a safe space for you to begin from. This is a process that is made comfortable, simple and interesting to follow – toward your ideal weight. It begins with analysing your current diet, understanding your lifestyle, your likes and suggesting small, manageable steps towards a well balanced diet with easy to follow recipes, meal and snack options.

Very often one small tweak makes the most impact, that gives us inspiration and motivation to go further.

Stamena is a qualified Yoga teacher (YTT) who has been teaching and offering Yoga therapy full time for over 13 years. She has attended number of YTT training courses, Yoga Anatomy and Physiology, Philosophy and Mindfulness practices in RSA and India with some world renown teachers, few to mention – Kerry Weaving (RSA), Andreas Bothner (RSA), Michael Gannon (USA), Matthew Sweeney (AUS), Shri, Ramesh (Mysore, India), Sri Badri (Mysore, India), Swami Yogasagar (Satyananda lineage).


She spent many years researching, studying and applying the benefits of Yoga, Yoga poses sequencing for therapy and Yogic Nutrition in helping with various health issues. Yoga as a therapy is a powerful catalyst that works in support of many current medical treatments and can provide natural way of letting the body come back to balance.


Over the years Stamena has built knowledge and experience in assisting with various physical, mental and emotions well-being aspects:


  • Low back issues and back problems
  • Digestive wellness
  • Sports injuries rehabilitation and prevention
  • Stress, anxiety
  • Control of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes (along with diet assessment and alignment)
  • Control of menopause symptoms – hot flushes, forgetfulness, disturbed night sleep
  • Mindfulness – improved concentration, focus and mental wellness
  • Yoga therapy before and during pregnancy
  • Sleeping problems
  • Weight control and weight loss
  • And other


Furthering her nutritional studies, In 2017, Stamena completed an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management through Future Fit School of Nutrition, UK which has added to her portfolio further offering like:

Nutrition and weight management

Sports Nutrition

Behaviour of change

Child’s nutrition and obesity prevention

Pre and Post natal Nutrition



YTT 200,Haum of Yoga (Yoga Alliance accredited), RSA

YTT 200 Mysore Ashtanga Yoga, India

dip(Nut) FFSN, UK

Day’s at Neal’s Yard

Thursdays, 9h30 – 13h30