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Nutritional Counselling & Therapy

July 18, 2015

Good nutrition is vital to a healthy functioning body. Clinical nutrition aims to identify and treat nutritional deficiencies, improve food assimilation, eliminate allergens and detoxify the body. Nutritional therapists undergo a period of clinical practice when trained, thus enabling them to hold one to one consultations with clients. They are thoroughly trained to assess your health and any symptoms so that they can prescribe a tailored health programme. Through a healthy balanced diet adjusted to your needs and health conditions, and sometimes supplemented with herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements you can improve your body’s health and functioning.In healthy eating, the ultimate goal is to promote long-term good health & fend off increased risk of disease while maintaining the balance,so that food is still enjoyable. Making our own decisions is the best way to learn. The nutritional therapy we offer is aiming to find a way that will bring our clients results they want, but also it gives them the knowledge they need to feel more empowered to look after themselves and make their own decisions. However, nutritional behaviour that is reinforced tends to be repeated and strengthened. Behaviour which is not reinforced tends to be weakened and die out or be extinguished. We will give you the support and motivation to reinforce your healthy behaviour.