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WORKSHOPS: Through Nutrition to Wellness, Health & Happiness

Food gives us energy and provides us with essential nutrients. It may be our medicine which helps to prevent & cure certain disease and ailments. However, there are also other aspects of our food choices. They can represent our beliefs and lifestyle, often playing a central part of our social lives. Food connects us with others. It is enjoyable and a pleasure. Sometimes it even becomes an object of desire that is hard to resist. I believe that in its most natural form, food can and should be both, nourishing and joyful.

Developing new or going back to the good old, healthy eating habits is a whole process which can’t be missed. It doesn’t happen over a night or a day. Our body needs some time to get used to the changes again. Therefore, I strongly recommend to take few small steps at the time instead of a sudden deprivation and drastic changes to your diet. The sooner you start the process of changes the faster you will achieve your desired goals.

Good nutrition is vital to a healthy functioning body.  Helping you go through the process of change, I can make sure that you don’t deprive your body of any essential nutrients that you need to stay healthy and happy, and that you are filled up with the empowering energy which will give you the boost of strength and positivity, and will help you to succeed. I will teach you how to prevent or treat nutritional deficiencies and improve food assimilation. Healthy eating and cooking play an important and valuable part in prevention and occupational therapy for ailments such as depression. I will give you the support and motivation to reinforce your healthy behaviour. Nutritional behaviour that is reinforced tends to be repeated and strengthened. Behaviour which is not reinforced tends to be weakened and die out or be extinguished.


By making the right food choices, cooking from scratch and adopting healthy eating habits, you can achieve a state of physical and mental well-being.


Our series of workshops is for anyone who aspires to live longer, healthier and happier. Each workshop will cover a specific topic related to a way of healthy eating.


£20 ticket price

£90 when paid upfront for all 6 workshops

(saving £30)


You will learn how to incorporate delicious and healthy meals and snacks into your busy days. 




WORKSHOP 1: An Introduction To The Principles Of A Healthy Diet And Lifestyle.

In this workshop I will explain the definition and meaning of two simple but very often misinterpreted words- Food & Diet.

You will learn the basics of healthy balanced eating, introducing you to the world of nutrients and essential food for your daily diet.

You will learn how you can make your food shopping trips more enjoyable, affordable and full of delicious nutritious foods.

I will be discussing nutritionally balanced meals and snacks which will give you the start to your new healthy eating habits and give you some ideas for a day to day menu to stay fit and happy in a long term.


WORKSHOP 2: Happy Eating

In this workshop I will explain how what we eat affects the chemical reactions in our brains which are responsible for hormonal balances within the body. Our state of mind depends highly on those hormonal balances and therefore the nutrients we consume (the way they are digested & how they react with our immune system).

I will explain how dietary factors affect our physical and mental wellbeing and how to make the right food choices.

Eating the right food can help lift our mood and raise levels of feel-good hormones. Eating the wrong food can do the opposite and raise our stress levels. For example, it’s scientifically proven that sugar consumption can cause mood swings and lead to depression.

You will learn when, how and what to eat to boost the so called ‘happy hormones’ production and to maintain the happier state of mind.

I will advise you on best food choices when filling low or depressed.

I will also explain how your day to day diet and eating habits can help your body stay in balance and harmony and to be more capable of managing daily stress.

I will be discussing delicious meals and snacks, containing certain nutrients, enzymes and substances that cause or increase the production of feel good hormones and neurotransmitters.

You will learn how to combine specific ingredients to achieve the most beneficial effects.


WORKSHOP 3: Healthy Detox

If you attended the first two of our workshops, you are ready for a bigger change. Previously acquired knowledge will help you to go through this really important but often tough healthy detox diet.

In this workshop, you will learn how to help your body with detoxification and cleansing processes in a healthy way, sticking to the rules of a balanced diet, without depriving it of any essential nutrients.

I will show you how to use natural foods as an extra detox aid- herbs & spices, apple cider vinegar, fruit and vegetables, and probiotic fermented food. Where to find and how to use foods highest in antioxidants- the substances which help us fight and get rid of the by products of metabolism such as free radicals and toxins.


WORKSHOP 4: Energy Boost

This workshop is designed for those who have followed a lighter, lower calorie detoxifying diet. I will show you how you can return to a regular balanced diet by building on the good work you’ve done with your healthy detox eating plan. In this workshop I will show you what are the best foods for energy boosting. I will teach you how to prepare your meals and plan your shopping list to constantly keep the energy levels up.  I will give you some tips on how to increase your energy levels after a slow and lazy winter season and be ready and energised for a fresh start in spring time.

You will learn how best to feed yourself after detoxing your body to gain optimum benefits from your food.

I will be discussing healthy and balanced meals and snacks which will provide with that extra energy boost without adding any extra calories.


WORKSHOP 5 : Weight Loss

Your weight loss diet can be light and healthy but still very tasty. I will advise you on best natural products to include in your daily diet which will help you to lose some extra fat tissue and body weight. I will also show you the best way of selecting your food choices, without depriving yourself from the foods that you love.

You will learn the key rules of planning the right eating pattern for the losing weight over a sensible period of time, and how to stick to it.

This workshop will teach you how to prepare and cook meals and snacks that are lower in calories, sugars and fat, yet still nutritious, satisfying and delicious.I will be discussing how to make delicious  light  & healthy meals and snacks that will aid your digestion, boost the metabolism and satisfy you for longer by releasing the energy slowly.


WORKSHOP 6: How to Maintain the Weight and Your New Lifestyle

Now, you are a completely new person. You’ve done very well and I’m sure you don’t want to lose what you’ve achieved.

This workshop is aimed at those who have preferably attended the first five workshops, and have learned what it means to have a healthy diet, and what the most important points are in order to care for your body nutritionally.

You will have so far learned how to make better food choices & how to promote happiness and wellness through eating.  By now you will have gone through the intensive detoxification process, boosted your energy levels, and hopefully you will have noticed some weight loss too.

Now, I will teach you how best to maintain your new healthy eating habits in order to avoid the so called ‘yo yo effect’ and sustain a healthy weight.

In a simple and easy way, you will learn how to manage your lifestyle wisely, in order to stay healthy, fit and happy in the long run.

I will be discussing healthy balanced meals and snacks which can be easily adjustable to your own individual needs, whether you still want to shed few pounds, or you feel that you are ready for some extra indulgence.

I will teach you some cooking techniques and ingredients combinations which will help you to cook your favourite dishes in accordance to your weight and lifestyle management plan.


Attend 90% of the workshops and get 30min nutrition consultation or BioScan body composition analysis for free!

Prove me that you’ve listened and put the theory into practice -;) – reach your goal (eg. lose some fat tissue, gain some lean muscle mass etc.) within those 6 weeks and get further discounts. Ask for more information.









Optional classes


CLASS 7 Unrefined- Nutrition & Cooking


Healthier & Lighter alternatives of the most common ingredients to help you prepare your favourite savoury and sweet dishes in a healthier way

The most Natural form of grains, sugar, fats,- instead of avoiding them make them your new super foods


Eat Smart- your favourite recipes makeovers.Swapping plain white flour for whole-grain or/and gluten free, refined white sugar for its healthier natural alternatives such as honey, maple syrup etc, and cooking with varieties of fats & oils to get the most out of them.


Whole grains & Wholegrain Flours ; Gluten-Free Grains and Flours- how to use them in your favourite bakery products; Fermentation- helps to break the gluten & makes the bread easier to digest -Sourdough


Natural Unrefined Sugars & Sweeteners- the difference between different sweeteners, how to use them to make your favourite sweets & dessert which will be helthy and delicious


Fats & Oils- cold press, virgin etc- what does it mean? how to shop for a good quality one? which is best for cooking and which should I save for salads dressings? nutritional values of different oils and fats? is it really true that the olive oil is the best and the butter is bad for us – we wil shatter the myths


You will learn

the nutritional values of different grains, flours, sugars & sweeteners, and cooking fats & oils.

the best ingredients combination and cooking techniques to make your dishes lighter, higher in fibre, essential nutrients & fatty acids, but lower in bad fats and so called ’empty calories’.


Unrefined Produce- the powerhouse of goodness


CLASS 8 Family Nutrition

Importance of eating meals together, at the table. How to conciliate it with your busy life style

You don’t have to cook few meals to feed whole the family the right diet. Despite your detox program, loosing weight program or any other diet that you currently want to follow, you can still cook the same meals for the whole family by making just little adjustments at the end of the cooking process or just before serving. You are going to learn how to provide all the nutrients needed and the right diet  for your whole family and you.



CLASS 9 Nutrition for Physical Activity

This workshop focuses on natural sports nutrition. It gives an overview of healthy eating and the right food choices for active lifestyles, including the recommended intake and the role of macronutrients for athletes, estimated caloric needs and competition nutrition.


You will learn about:

·         the key rules of eating for sport training to stay fit in the long run

·         essential nutrients including the recommended intake of the main macronutrients for physical activity

·         dietary factors affecting physical and mental wellbeing

·         importance of hydration

·         good food sources of antioxidants (which can help to prevent the cells from the oxidative damage caused by exercising)

·         natural sports supplements- foods to boost stamina and improve performance


You will also learn how to

·         count your individual estimated caloric needs

·         prepare healthy snacks that will give you that burst of energy when you need it

·         make energy and recovery smoothies for before and after a workouts, as well as isotonic drinks for hydration during the toughest training.

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